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Dedicated and unique approach to each client

More than twenty years of successful practice of law, with previous experience in legal affairs in the economy and a good academic background acquired at recognised higher education institutions, as well as published professional works, are a guarantee of the quality of services of this office.

Professional approach to clients is the reason why, in addition to domestic, many reputable foreign companies operating in Serbia use our legal consulting.

The office provides complete services in Serbian, as well as in German and English.

We provide translations of all documents into multiple languages by permanently hired court translators.

We are on the list of law offices recommended by the Embassy of the Republic of Germany in Belgrade.


Commercial and corporate law

Commercial law is a special branch of the economy and refers to a set of legal norms governing the legal position and status of economic entities, their relationship with the state, their mutual legal affairs concluded in connection with the trade of goods, services, money and securities. If you are registering a new company, buying another or closing down an existing one, we are here to provide you with complete legal support.

Labour Law

Whether you are an employee or an employer, the legal framework for labor relations is the Labor Law, whose interpretation and practical application we will provide based on many years of experience in this field.

Contracts with a foreign element

Contracts in which one of the contracting parties is a foreign natural or legal person are often subject to foreign legislation or international norms. We participate in the creation of such contracts in a way that best protects your legal and business interests.

Commercial Law

Lex mercatoria, or the law of merchants, is part of commercial law. It is based on Anglo-Saxon law and represents a system of adapted practice, which today functions as international trade law. It serves to promote and facilitate international trade, as a set of principles and rules applicable to typical trade relations.

Protection of interests abroad

If you are facing proceedings abroad and you need legal support to achieve your legitimate goals, we will make sure you get the highest level of protection before foreign authorities and courts. In such proceedings, where possible, we will represent you ourselves, and if it is a court case, you will be represented by one of our correspondent law firms in the country.

Family and Inheritance Law

Family law regulates family relations and the actions and consequences of the occurrence and termination of marriage, cohabitation, birth and adoption of a child, and custody relations.
Inheritance law is a system of regulations that regulates inheritance legal relations - the transfer of property from the testator, after his death, to the heirs.

Representation in court and other proceedings

If you are facing a procedure that you initiate yourself or you are in a position that you have to participate in it as a defendant, it is not advisable to protect your interests without professional help. Before embarking on a procedure that carries with it certain risks and costs, you will receive a preliminary assessment of its success.

Real estate

Purchase, gift, mortgage, establishment of the right to lifelong usufruct, contracts on lifelong support and other ways of disposing of real estate and rights to it. When it comes to your high value assets, you need the advice and support of an experienced professional.

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